Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Mindstorms NXT $199 @ CompUSA!

I just happened to be at my local CompUSA about 2 weeks ago looking for (oh the irony!) an inexpensive USB joystick to control the robot.

Low and behold...in the same aisle, facing shelves on the bottom were [da dum!] Mindstorms NXT kits. "Nifty enough", says I, "but what's that little sticker..."

Holy hot hannah batman...$199! (the sticker said "new low price!")

The link above is to the online store, which also reflects the $199 price. Alas, they are all sold out for delivery. However, my (local) store has some in...if you have local CompUSA you might just be as lucky!

I've been itching for a second set already...mostly because I keep getting inspired by other folks' creations and want to give 'em a try without tearing apart my work-in-progress. Oh the agony, your name is Lego...

And the joystick? Eh...didn't buy one...yet. I'll tackle DirectInput and the attendant control issues later.

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